21 September 2009

Drouin Collection Back at Ancestry.com-Alexis Robidoux

The Drouin Collection is back at Ancestry.com. Apparently an agreement has been reached. This is great news for those with French-Canadian ancestry as the collection contains a number of digital copies of church records from Quebec. Those wishing to learn more about what the collection contains can visit Ancestry.com's Drouin Collection page.

The image with this post comes from St. Constant in 1815. It is part of the marriage entry for Alexis Robidoux and Rose Rheaume, ancestors of my wife.

Keep in mind that these records are in French and that sometimes the handwriting is not all that easy to read. However, with the ability to magnify the image and a list of "main French genealogy words," and some time to practice one can get better. Also be advised that the indexing to these records is not perfect. Manual search techniques are still required in some cases.

The index is not an everyname index to these records. The index includes:
  • child and parents on a birth
  • bride and groom on a marriage
  • deceased on a funeral
Names of parents are included in most of the marriage records, but these names are not in the index.