21 September 2009

Ancestry's newer 1820 census images

Ancestry.com for some time has indicated they have improved their 1820 census images. Today I had a few extra minutes and decided to give them a try.

The images are sharp, sharper than I remembered them being.
Of course, doing this very nearly got me sidetracked from the real work I was doing. Conrad Wickiser is my wife's ancestor. As I viewed the pages on the census image, I saw names that were neighbors of the family in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, where the family lived before coming to Ohio. There were also members of the Bennett family listed on this page as well. Members of that family had lived in Pennsylvania as well and testified in the Revolutionary War pension file of Elam Blain, whose daughter married into the Wickiser family. Remember it always pays to look at the neighbors.
Revisiting this family's 1820 census entry got me to thinking about some loose ends and some ways that I might expand on my research in this family. Perhaps I should review more images in this enhanced collection.