14 September 2009

1905 Champaign County Illinois Marriage License

It always pays to make certain you research everything. The image on the right is part of the marriage license for Harm M. Fecht and Engel S. Loeschen from 1905 in Champaign County, Illinois. This is part of the license that was returned to the clerk after the marriage ceremony was performed.

Champaign County, Illinois, also had "applications" where the couple answered a few questions about their eligibility to get married. The unsuspecting researcher might locate the applications and assume that is all the record there was. In this case, that would be a big mistake.

Being familiar with Illinois records during this time period, I knew there would be more than just the application. Consequently I kept looking in the drawer of microfilm for more marriage records besides the applications. One should always learn about the records in the location in which one is researching.

Harm M. Fecht and the witness John M. Fecht (who was also his brother) were sons of Kea Goldenstein, as given on the marriage license. Her name was actually Fraukea Goldenstein. She was a sister of my 2nd great-grandfather, Focke Goldenstein.