27 August 2009

Have You Searched for All Your Ancestors in the SSDI?

I did a little searching and reminded myself that I have seven ancestors listed in the Social Security Death Index:

1) Cecil Neill (1903-1968)
2) Ida Neill (nee Trautvetter) 1910-1994
3) John Ufkes (1917-2003)
4) Dorothy Ufkes (nee Habben) 1924-2008
5) Fannie Neill (nee Rampley) 1883-1965
6) Mimke Habben (1881-1969)
7) Tena (Trientje) Ufkes (nee Janssen) 1895-1986

My parents are still living--so they are not in there.

Just a little something to entertain myself. You can search it for yourself at http://ssdi.rootsweb.com