30 August 2009

Casefile Clues "Fan Page" on Facebook

Casefile Clues continues to pick up fans on Facebook. The link, which hopefully works is

If that doesn't work, Facebook members should be able to search for it. I'm using it and www.casefileclues.com to communicate with readers, but sometimes there are almost too many ways to communicate and writing doesn't get done when I'm sitting here making blog posts.

I encourage readers and fans to interact via the "fan page" as they have time. And of course, sharing information about the newsletter with others really helps too.

Subscribers who want to know when the weekly newsletter has gone out should check www.casefileclues.com first as I always post a blog entry there when the newsletter goes out. And for those who are new, newsletters usually go out late in the evening on Sunday. Always check your spam folder first. If it's not there, send me an email mjnrootdig@gmail.com.

Topic suggestions are always welcomed. I only write about work I've done (or am doing) on my children's ancestry. Their background is pretty varied, so chances are there is something I can put together, that while it may not apply directly to your problem, should give you some insight.

Thanks guys.