28 July 2009

Thanks and a few answers about Casefile Clues

Thanks to those who have sent encouragement for my moved genealogy how-to column "Casefile Clues." I'm still in the throes of organizing a few things and getting ready for a trip to Utah, so excuse the clutter and occasionally delayed response.

To answer a few questions:
  • "Casefile Clues" will no longer be posted on Eastman's Newsletter. Old columns will remain. New columns have not appeared on Ancestry.com since late 2008.
  • Some older columns can be viewed here for those who need a sample. The ads are old and the occasional link may be bad. Right now, I don't have time to fix that as I'm behind on a few other things.
  • We will not focus on "news" or the latest website, database release, etc. My focus is on organizing information, analyzing, interpreting, and seeing where to go next.
  • "Casefile Clues" will cover families and records from a variety of time periods and areas, but all focus on an ancestor or relative of my children. I have a large pool of areas and time periods from which to draw. Suggestions for content are welcome, but if I'm not familiar with it and don't understand it, I don't write about it. There's enough of that kind of thing on the internet already (grin).

My tone is not overly serious, but I do strive for accuracy while being as informal as possible.

Please spread the word about the column to those who may be interested. Emails are not shared and there are no ads in the column. Subscriptions help to defer various costs involved. Suggestions are always welcomed.