11 June 2009

More on Reverend Bouton

A reader graciously commented privately on my post on searching for the Reverend O. R. Bouton--the obituaries from the New York Times are free, as long as they are before 1922. All I had to do was click on the link to view it and there it was. The good thing was that I had done a screen shot which showed my search terms from yesterday, so all I had to do was to re-enter those terms.

Well, not exactly. The search I performed yesterday did not give me the same results today. This was partially due to the fact that I blogged about my search and those blog entries came up in the results. There were other differences. Fortunately, I had made a screen shot of the results page and (armed with many of the words in the "hit" from the New York Times) I was able to find the entry again for Bouton's obituary.

There is still work to do--I'm trying to find out if there might be church records anywhere. I'm not surprised he was a Methodist as the bride's family was known to be Methodist. But at least now I have a few more details about Rev. Bouton to help me search for more information on him.