28 May 2009

Is Paula Deen Pouring or Poring?

I've never watched Paula Deen (Southern cooking is off my diet), but I was bored at Walmart yesterday and was looking at her pans (now there's a phrase!).

I realize she may pour when she cooks, but if she's looking at things in antique stores, then she and good ol' Aunt Peggy are poring over antiques. I hope she wasn't pouring Aunt Peggy in antique shops.

Sounds like it was a poor spell checker to me!
Maybe someone was too busy poring over their pores when they should have been poring over those pan wrappers.

Hopefully the recipies in the books get proofed better than this did. After all, it only takes two little errors to change fig bars into pig bark. Now there's a typo!

It's not genealogy, but hey...it's my website!