13 May 2009


I got busy about a month ago and my Ancestry.com subscription lapsed. So far, I'm waiting to renew it. That may seem odd, but I realized I had stacks of copies and documents that I have not analyzed or compiled, and articles and other materials that need to be written. Sometimes the 24/7 availability of the materials on Ancestry.com can be a distraction for me. Perhaps that is just me. I may be in the minority, but for a while I'll let the subscription go. I have plenty of genealogy work to do and quite a few columns to write.

It is important to remember what Ancestry.com will and will not do for your research. It won't help me analyze those twenty deeds I copied last year on my Bourbon County, Kentucky, families where I need to plat the metes and bounds descriptions. It won't help me analyze those pre-1850 census entries I located for several families where I need to determine as best I can how many children those individuals probably had. And the stacks of court records and other materials need to be analyzed. And then there are the several Revolutionary Pension files that I have where the digital images sit, unanalyzed.

I decided it is time for me to start really putting together what I have. Ancestry.com provides me great access to various information, but organizing and synthesizing that information is something I have to do myself.