26 March 2009

Footnote's 1930 Census and "omit" OCR searches

Footnote.com released it's 1930 census index and images today. Interactivity is higher here than with images at other sites. Some will love the interactivity. I'm pretty much a get in there and get the record kind of person--looking at adjacent pages too. I'm not certain how much time I would spend adding images and other sources to each entry for my ancestor.

My parents are not listed in the 1930 Census. My grandparents are, but I'll have to wait until 1950 until my parents are enumerated.

Those who like interacting with the census will really like the Footnote.com index to 1930 and will be pleased to hear they are adding more. More indexes online is always a good thing, but there are ways you can search at Ancestry.com you can't quite do at Footnote.com .

Footnote.com now as an option to "omit OCR searches" from search results. YEAH! There are a few more improvements I would like to see, but this is a step in the right direction.