20 November 2008

Near Searches on GenealogyBank

It is a little difficult to see in the first screen, but I thought of a neat way (at least to me) of searching for obituaries on GenealogyBank.

One of my Ufkes uncles married a woman whose last name was Schuster. Now I knew then their children died. But if I had not this is a neat way to look for obituaries of their children--even if the names are unknown.

I simply did a keyword search for Ufkes near5 Schuster. I was hoping to find obituaries of their children that had the last name of the father and the mother's maiden name.

Had I not already had the dates of death and copies of the obituaries, this would have been a really nice way of locating them. Obituaries for three of their children turned up as results on my search.
Think of the words that might appear in close proximity in the record you are searching for on GenealogyBank.
I know I have some more searches to do. This will be helpful if I don't have married names for women or other search parameters.