23 September 2008

Using the My Tree "hints" at Ancestry.com

My article on using the My Tree "hints" at Ancestry.com went live on the blog the other day. The person I used was a German immigrant to Davenport, Iowa in the 1850s and later. I would be interested in comments from others who have used the hints.

In the article, I did import some of the hints into a database I created on Conrad Krebs and his family. I did not use my "good" database for this, but created a new one so I could see how things worked. Comments on using the hints can be posted to this blog entry.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find the hints a mixed bag. Some are right on, others way off the mark. When you are searching for someone in another country (not US) and they start giving you Kansas which is nothing you ever entered, how do they manage to connect that? I never take the other people's tree information unless I can confirm it with other sources, though I have used it as hints where to search.

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