23 September 2008

The "new" search at Ancestry.com

It is not just me. I hear this "in the field" on a regular basis. People are not happy with the new Ancestry.com search. Several attendees at the Montana State Genealogical Society conference in Butte, Montana, this past weekend expressed their frustration over the new search at Ancestry.com.

Frankly, it is a little frustrating to me too. Finding things is not intuitive.

I had a few extra minutes at the end of one of my lectures and decided to show the German topographical maps from the 1860s-1900s on the Ancestry.com site. I had used them and had blogged briefly about them. But could I find them quickly on the site. NO. I ended up searching my own website to find my blog entry about them and used that link to search the database.

This was a quick workaround and got me where I needed to go. But not everyone can go to their own blog and find something they have blogged about before. If I have difficulty finding things I have used before, I imagine others have problems as well.

I still find myself using my very crude list of Ancestry.com links to navigate certain databases. It looks pretty shabby, but it gets me to where I need to go and I don't have to waste time looking for things or trying to learn they way someone else thinks.