02 April 2008

Suggestion for GenealogyBank

I like using Genealogy Bank, but I do have a few suggestions:

1) I would like to be able to view more than five hits on one page.

2) I would like a way to "omit" one state from my list of results, particularly in the newspapers. This would greatly facilitate my use of the site, particularly when I have already been through all the Minnesota hits for a certain surname and have eliminated them from consideration.

Going through hits that I know I don't need takes up way to much time in some cases. I can search for a specific state, but sometimes out of state newspapers picked up items and by searching for only one state, I may miss what I am looking for.
Update: A response to this message (privately) indicated that number 1 is in the works and number 2 is not on the agenda right now, but improvements to the search are being made in that direction. (THANKS!)