23 January 2008

Funeral Pictures and More...

Genealogists are obsessed with funerals, trying to find out when they took place, where they took place, and where the bodies are laid. Some genealogists are even obsessed with their own funerals.

And some people love to take pictures at funerals. I know I've seen a picture of my Grandpa Neill in a casket and there are probably other such photographs I have not seen yet.
People have been taking pictures of the dead and the rituals for the dead for as long as there have been photographs. Now there's a website with pictures of various stages of the mourning process.
The Museum of Mourning Photography & Memorial Practice + MourningPhoto.com contains links to numerous images--including the one in this post which has been used with permission (Thanks to Anthony for allowing us to reproduce the picture shown here). The history of funerals is extremely interesting and this site provides a very interesting visual display.
Some may find such photos morbid, but it is important to remember that everyone deals with grief in their own way and that times and practices do change over time. The images on the site may give you a different perspective on your ancestors. Give it a browse. The museum is in Chicago and can be viewed by appointment.