05 December 2007

Searching Problem at Footnote.com

Maybe it is just that I'm a little tired...

I finally found the Revolutionary War Pension for Samuel Rhodes of Hawkins County, Tennessee using Footnote.com. However, I am having another searching problem for this Samuel. I cannot get his entry to come up in my search results.

When I search the Virginia set of Revolutionary War Pensions at Footnote.com for "Samuel Rhodes" I get no results, yet when I browse these pensions by name, his record comes up--spelled the exact same way as I entered it.

If anyone is aware of what I am doing incorrectly, I would appreciate knowing.



Blogger Guinevere said...

I've been having the same problem too, Michael.
Also, the numbering for the newly added VA Rev War files are strange and I know of at least document that's missing in my Reuben Young file. It seems they rushed to get the pension files up and they might be having a problem keeping it all straight.
Gwen Hobbs

11:14 PM  
Anonymous cheekygnome said...

I was having the same problem last night. I hope it is a temporary thing. They emailed me again last night about the stemming issues you were having earlier. They have stated they were going to take out stemming, but I urged them to leave it in as turned off by default, but to give users the option of a command line character such as ~ or + before a word to turn it on.

Greg Matthews

12:12 PM  
Blogger Michael John Neill said...

As of this morning, I am still having the difficulty searching the Revolutionary War Pensions for a name that clearly appears on the list of names in the finding aid for the microfilm. Samuel Rhodes is listed as a pensioner in the Virginia section, but his name does not appear when the Virginia pensions are searched for the name "samuel rhodes."

10:11 AM  
Blogger Michael John Neill said...

It now appears to be fixed. My searches for Samuel Rhodes now bring the Virginia veteran's file up as a "hit."

12:57 PM  

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