20 November 2007

Footnote's searching....

Ok, this is just about like a disease, I can't stop.

I searched Footnote.com's "Civil War Pension Index" for "ufkes," expecting nothing. It did bring up "Fikes" as a result. Not the person I was interested in, but a reasonable "sounds like" variant.

A search for "cawiezell" brought no results. No real surprise there--although Cawiezell is a real last name.

A search for "ulfert" brought two results--the last name "Elfert." I was really looking for "Ulfert" as a first name.

I searched the Revolutionary War pension files at Footnote.com as well for

wicksier (an accidental typo) and got wickiser

Hopefully we'll get word of how the search now works, because I don't remember it working this way the last time. This new search (or at least new search to me) is good news, but now I'll have to go back and search for some names again. Making the very important point of tracking your research and when you search a site and what names you search for when searching.

Back to some other work, I'm going to get wayyyyy to distracted with this if I'm not careful.