03 October 2007

George Drollette--Secretary to US Chinese Ambassador

As mentioned in an earlier post, I requested papesr from George Drollette from the National Archives. The package arrived this week and most of the information in the package consisted of letters of recommendation for Drollette to become Edwin H. Conger's secretary while Conger was Ambassador to China. There are also recommendations for a promotion for Drollette, but it is unclear if Drollette ever received the promotion. I need to determine if there are other records besides the ones I received from the Archives.

Drollette's wife wrote several letters in support of his promotion. Apparently he was in China for at least three years without his wife and child. His child, Elmore Drollette, appears in the 1910 census with his maternal grandparents in Indiana.

More work needs to be done. We'll post additional details as we get them.