31 October 2007

Finding a manifest a second time

This is part of the 21 Oct 1867 arrival manifest for the Union which landed in New York City.

The names are intended to be:
  • Mimke Habben
  • Antje Habben
  • Trientje Habben
  • L[ubbe] Habben
  • Jasper Habben
  • H.
  • John
  • M.
  • J.
  • Ger.
  • Inft.

The names are a little "off" from what they actually are, but they are very close considering.

I actually located the reference several years ago using the Germans to America series--which included the last name spelled as "Habben." I am trying to find the family in Ancestry.com's indexes and so far have struck out. I'll keep trying and post a followup message on how these names appear in their database.

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