17 October 2007

The Church in Wiesens

Doris Reuter has an excellent site for those with Ostfriesen ancestors. It is in German, but the pictures are wonderful.

I found the church in Wiesens, where 3 of my great-great-grandparents were born and christened:
  • Jann M. Habben (1859-1939)
  • Anke Fecht Habben (1860-1941)
  • Jans Jurgens Janssen (1856-1929)

The Habbens died in Elvaston and Janssen died near Basco, both in Hancock County, Illinois.

Found some neat pictures of the church in Etzel, where two of my third great-grandparents were born:

  • Bernard Dirks (1825-1913)
  • Heipke Mueller Dirks (1832-1924)

Those two died near Coatsburg, in Adams County, Illinois.

There's lots more--which happens when you are one-half Ostfriesen, but I'll end the posting with just these two. The site is fairly easy to navigate and provides good geographic information as well for Ostfriesen genealogists.

The Ostfriesens are one of my favorite groups to research, but I am a little bit biased ;-)