06 September 2007

Trying Other Software

We (actually I) will be posting my experiences with several genealogical software packages over the next several months, including FTM 2008, Rootsmagic, PAF, and others. Time only allows me to utilize so many packages. If you have a favorite program or a suggestion, please let me know (mjnrootdig@gmail.com) and I'll see if I can add it to the list.

My work will be on smaller projects, mainly focusing on data entry, managing research tasks and goals, and the creation of charts, forms, etc. I won't be experimenting with large datasets. I'm working on one family for a DAR application, one family for an FFO application, and one family because I'm hopelessly stuck and need to document fully 3-4 generations of the family. It is hoped that the data entry and program use during these research projects will give me a feel for how the program works out in the field. Suggestions are welcomed. I'm trying to avoid a cut and paste job on marketing and press release information. Stay tuned.