17 September 2007

Records for those working for the Post Office

Is it possible your ancestor worked for the post office? If so, it is possible that HistoryKat has digitized some records containing information on your ancestor.

The following is a list of the databases on HistoryKat that cover the United States Post Office.

  • Index to Names, Aliases, and Histories of Postal Offenders: A list of the names and aliases of postal-law violators on record with the Post Office Department.
  • Indexes to Rosters of Railway Postal Clerks, ca. 1883 - ca. 1902: Alphabetical lists of railway postal clerks and a list of the railway postal routes.
  • Journal of Hugh Finlay: This journal was kept by the Surveyor of the Post Offices and Post Roads on the Continent of North America during his 310-mile journey from September 1773 to June 1774.
  • Benjamin Franklin Ledger: This General Post Office account book was kept by Benjamin Franklin from 1770-1772 and shows some early monetary transactions of the Post Office.
  • Postal entries from A Register of Officers and Agents, Civil, Military, and Naval, in the Service of the United States, 1829 and 1831: The entries are from the postal portion of the Register and include a list of postmasters as well as postal contractors.
  • Record of First Returns Received from Postmasters, 1789-1832: These documents include a list of postmasters, date of appointment, and, in some cases, the rate of pay.
  • Record Cards of Letter Carriers Separated from the Postal Service, 1863-1899: Images of 3x5 cards indicating the post office name, letter carrier's name, date of appointment, and date and cause of separation from employment.
  • Record of Appointment of Substitute Clerks in First- and Second-Class Post Offices, 1899-1905: Registers of substitute clerks including the date of appointment.
  • Record of Appointment of Substitute Mail Carriers in First- and Second-Class Post Offices, 1885-1903: Registers of mail carriers including the name, post office, and date of appointment.