05 August 2007

Missouri State Genealogical Association Conference

I returned home today from the annual Missouri State Genealogical Association Conference in Jefferson City, Missouri, where I gave three lectures and gave the Friday evening banquet talk. The only problem with the banquet speech is now that everyone knows I descend from a few individuals who spent a great deal of their time in the courthouse and in the newspaper (well not actually "in" the newspaper, but you know what I mean).

It was a great conference and I hope the presentations went over well. I picked a few Missouri examples from my own research for illustrations where I could. This was very fortunate as after I was done lecturing, a lady approached me and indicated she was a descendant of Nancy Lake Linebaugh of Chariton County, Missouri. Nancy's brother was Granville Lake (1863-1946), my wife's great-grandfather. Hopefully we'll be able to share information and I was very glad I had used a few Lake examples in my lectures.

Unfortunately I was not able to spend too much time in the Missouri State Archives, but the walk I did around the capitol area Saturday morning was very enjoyable and picturesque. Of course, I am used to a little flatter terrain, but I managed ;-)