16 May 2007

In Salt Lake City

I arrived LATE last night in Salt Lake for our annual research trip. Fortunately, I was re-routed so that I completely avoided O'Hare, but avoiding delays caused by weather at O'Hare was difficult.

Anyway, I found that the Ancestry.com accounts work just fine at the Family History Library--I used mine.

In fact, I made a discovery on my wife's English lines using the census at Ancestry. Of course, I have it at home, but sometimes what one needs is time. I think I have found Elizbabeth Frame in the UK Census (her own family group chart appears on our site here).

The family was living in Brampton, Cumberland, England. I think I have the family in the 1851-1861 census, but there is more work to do. This was only "practice" to make certain my ancestry.com account worked, I wasn't expecting to find anything. Hopefully before I leave, I'll have time to locate more information.