10 May 2007

Hindering the World War I Draft-One man at a Time

A neat little find on Footnote.com today.

Running a house of "ill fame" was enough in Florida to get you arrested for Violating the Selective Service act in Florida in 1918 as this image shows. Josephine Tinsley alias Josephine Evans was arrested on Key West for running her enterprise within five miles of the Naval Station (probably close enough to walk....how convenient). A neat little commentary on history. I didn't locate this intentionally, it came up when I performed a search on the name Tinsley. Fortunately none of my Tinsley family were ever in Florida (grin).

Note: This image has been reduced to fit on the page---actual images from footnote are much nicer. In a future post, we'll put one up in that fashion.

The online image comes from Footnote.com and only part of it is reproduced here.

Source information is located below.
Publication Number: M1085
Publication Title: Investigative Case Files of the Bureau of Investigation 1908-1922
Publisher: NARASeries: Old German Files, 1909-21
Case Number: 153114
Case Title: Violation Section 13 of Selective-draft Act

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