04 April 2007

Famous People in 1920 Census

Here is a list of all the people for whom we have a 1920 census enumeration. Each name is linked to the actual census image. Suggestions for additions (or corrections) can be sent to me at mjnrootdig@gmail.com. Subscribers to Ancestry.com or Heritagequest.com can serach there for additional names if they are not on our list. If you don't have ancestry.com and decide to get it, please read our free trial suggestions first.

Max AdlerSpiro Agnew
Sherwood Anderson
Andrews Sisters
Ansel Adams
Jane Addams
Eddie Albert
Fred Astaire
Louis Armstrong
Lionel Barrymore
Count Basie
Frances Bavier
Irving Berlin
Mel Blanc
Humphrey Bogart
General Omar Bradley
Hugh Brannum Mr. Green Jeans
Lizzie Borden
Joseph Bulova
Ralph Bunche
Jimmy Cagney
Frank Capra
Willa Cather
George Washington Carver
Anthony Cermak
Jeff Chandler
Lon Chaney
Charlie Chaplin
John Cheever
Julia Child
Walter Cronkhite
Ty Cobb
Perry Como
Calvin Coolidge
Ellen Corby Adolph Coors
Bing Crosby
Richard Daley
Jim Davis
Dizzy Dean
Olivia De Havilland
Cecil De Mille
Phyllis Diller
John Dillinger
Walt Disney
Thomas Edison
Mamie Eisenhower
Ralph Ellison
Dale Evans
Wyatt Earp
Duke Ellington
Douglas Fairbanks
Max Factor
William Faulkner
Mark Felt
Harvey Firestone
Ella Fitzgerald
Henry Fonda
Joan Fontaine
Tennessee Ernie Ford
future President Gerald Ford
Henry Ford
Milton Friedman
Robert Frost
Clark Gable
Lou Gehrig
George and Ira Gershwin
J. Paul Getty
Dizzy Gillespie
Betty Grable
Billy Graham
Oscar Hammerstein
Jean Harlow
Rita Hayworth
Earnest Hemingway
Katharine Hepburn
Milton S. Hershey
William Hewlett
Billie Holliday
J. Edgar Hoover
Herbert Hoover
Bob Hope
Howard Hughes
Shoeless Joe Jackson
President Lyndon Johnson
Boris Karloff
Howard Keel
Helen Keller
William Kellogg
President John F. Kennedy
Frederick Kerry--grandfather of former presidential hopeful John Kerry
Gene Krupa
Ann Landers
Kennesaw Mountain Landis
Estee Lauder
Joe Lewis
Carole Lombard
Vincent Lombardi
Huey Long
Juliette Gordon Lowe (founder of Girl Scouts)
Dean Martin
Mary Martin
Oscar Mayer
Ethel Merman
James Michener
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Glenn Miller
Edward R. Murrow
Ogden Nash
Pat Nixon
Richard Nixon
Georgia O'Keefe
Marjorie Merriweather Post one
Marjorie Merriweather Post two
future President Richard Nixon
Jack Paar
David Packard
Bonnie Parker of Bonnie and Clyde
Rosa Parks
Gregory Peck
Mary Pickford
Katherine Anne Porter
Anthony Quinn
John Raitt
Charles Ringling
Ronald Reagan
Orville Redenbacher
Tex Ritter
John D. Rockefeller
Roy Rogers
Will Rogers
Sigmund Romberg
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Carl Sandburg
Harlan Sanders
David Sarnoff Randolph Scott
Frank Sinatra
John Sousa
John Steinbeck
Jimmie Stewart
Billy Sunday NEW
Strom Thurmond
Harry Truman
Earl Tupper
Dear Abby (Abigail Van Buren)
Honus Wagner
Charles Walgreen
Mike Wallace
Mr. Walmart--Sam Walton
John Wayne
Mae West
E. B. White
William Westmoreland
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Tennessee Williams
Woodrow Wilson
Grant Wood
Frank Lloyd Wright
Orville Wright
N C Wyeth
Cy Young