03 April 2007

Famous People in the 1870 Census

The following is our current list of well-known people in the 1870 census. Submissions, corrections, etc. can be sent to me at mjnrootdig.com@gmail.com .
Jane Addams
Louisa May Alcott
Beer Brewer Eberhard Anheuser
Phillip Armour
Future President Chester Arthur
P T Barnum
Beer Brewer Valentine Blatz
Amelia Bloomer
Nellie Bly
Lizzie Borden
Siamese Twin Chang Bunker
Siamese Twin Eng Bunker
Buffalo Bill Cody
George Custer
Jefferson Davis
John Deere
Emily Dickinson
Frederick Douglass
Wyatt Earp
George Eastman
Ralph Emerson
Marshall Field
Harvey Firestone
Henry Ford
Future President James Garfield
President in 1870 U. S. Grant
Horace Greeley
Future President Warren Harding
Future President Rutherford Hayes
Author O. Henry
Milton Hershey
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Henry James
Author Sarah Orne Jewett
Former President Andrew Johnson
Scott Joplin
Robert E. Lee
Cyrus McCormick
Elijah McCoy
Future President William McKinley
Herman Melville
Beer Brewer Frederick Miller of Miller Beer
Dwight Moody
Samuel Morse
Grandma Moses
Thomas Nast
Carrie NationFrederick Pabst
Potter Palmer
Robert E. PearyAllen Pinkerton
George Pullman
Richard Sears
John D. Rockefeller
John P. Sousa
Albert Spalding
Beer Brewer Joseph Schlitz
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Harriett Beecher Stowe
Beer Brewer Bernard Stroh of Stroh's Beer
the Sundance Kid
Billy Sunday
President William Howard Taft
Mark Twain
President Theodore Roosevelt
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Wright Brothers
Levi Strauss
Henry David Thoreau
William "Boss" Tweed
Cornelius Vanderbilt
George Westinghouse
Walt Whitman
Frank Lloyd Wright
William Wrigley
Cy Young
Florenz Ziegfield

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