02 April 2007

Famous 1860 census images

We have 1860 census images for the following on our site for free viewing:

Louisa May Alcott
Eberhard Anheuser
Susan B. Anthony
Chester Arthur
P T Barnum
Phillip Best-
Amelia Bloomer
John Wilkes Booth
then President James Buchanan
Chang and Eng Bunker (famous Siamese twins)
Kit Carson
Andrew Carnegie
Buffalo Bill Cody
George Custer
Jefferson Davis
John Deere
Emily Dickinson
Frederick Douglass
Thomas Edison
Wyatt Earp
George Eastman
Ralph Emerson
James Garfield
Ulysses S Grant
Benjamin Harrison
Rutherford B. Hayes
Doc Holliday
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Elias Howe
Sam Houston--Texas Pioneer
Jesse James
Calamity Jane (Martha Cannary)
future president Andrew Johnson
Adam Lemp
Robert E. Lee in Virginia
Robert E. Lee in Texas
President Abraham Lincoln
Frances Lubbock--Texas Pioneer
Cyrus McCormick
Herman Melville
Clement Moore
Samuel Morse
Samuel Mudd
Franklin Pierce
Allen Pinkerton
George Pullman
John D. Rockefeller
President Theodore Roosevelt
Joseph Schlitz
Harriet Beecher Stowe
John Philip Sousa
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Belle Starr
Albert Spalding
Mary Surratt
John Sutter of Sutter's Mill
President William Howard Taft
Henry David Thoreau
Sojourner Truth Boss Tweed
John Tyler
Martin Van Buren
Montgomery Ward
Walt Whitman

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