29 April 2007

Are you just overwhelmed?

Sometimes one can only handle so much genealogical information or stories to work on.

Readers of the blog might remember that I'm trying to cement connections between a Revolutionary serviceman from the Carolinas, Benjamin Jones, with an Aquilla Jones who married Lettie (Hooper) Cooke in Davidson County, Tennessee and later settled in Howard County, Missouri. Aquilla is probably the father of a Wesley Jones who marries Matilda Patrick in Randolph County Missouri in the 1830s.

Then there is a the brother of my great-grandmother who was probably murdered in Kansas City in the 1920s. That story is still on my to-do list, although a search of Kansas City newspapers resulted in no mention of the case.

Last week, I found out that a first cousin of my great-great-grandfather Trautvetter was on the run from the law in April of 1902 and apparently apprehended in Boston. More on that as I am able to add details. This was a story I had never heard.

My wife's uncle George Washington Drollette was a private secretary to the US ambassador to China Edwin Conger in the 1901 era. So far, I have not had much luck locating information on his service overseas either.

Add these to the dead ends I've got and there is quite a list.