09 March 2007

Clipping Clues

"The bride, a pretty blonde, looked beautiful in her wedding costume of blue crepe with silver accessories." The 1936 description of my grandmother gives me an image I did not already have.

The Mendon [Illinois] Dispatch of 2 January 1936 contains a brief mention of my grandparents' 17 December 1935 wedding. Other than Grandma's attire, the clipping did not contain any new clues or leads. This week we will see how the information fits with other known facts...(continue reading the article posted on our site)

Just about any newspaper clipping can contain hidden clues---you just have to look. Of course this short notice has four spelling errors in it (Trautvetter twice, Keithsburg, and the wrong their). But one must remember, the editor did not have spellcheck in 1936.

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