30 March 2007

1900 Census Images of Rich and Famous

Here is a listing of all the rich and famous census images on our site from 1900. Suggestions for additions can be sent to me at mjnrootdig@gmail.com

Jane Addams

Sherwood Anderson
Susan B. Anthony
Phillip Armour
Amelia Earhart
Fred Astaire
Jack Benny
Humphrey Bogart
William Jennings Bryan
Joseph Bulova
George Burns
August Busch
James (Jimmy) Cagney
Al Capone
Willa Cather
Anton Cermak
Lon Chaney
Samuel Clemens--Mark Twain
Grover Cleveland
Walter Chrysler
Ty Cobb
Buffalo Bill Cody
Adolph Coors
Hart Crane
Clarence Darrow
Jack Dempsey
Melville Dewey
Horace Dodge
George Eastman
Mary Baker Eddy
Duke Ellington
Wyatt Earp
Thomas Edison
Dwight Eisenhower
T. S. Eliot
William Faulkner
Marshall Field
Harvey Firestone
Henry Ford
J. Paul Getty
Josiah Gibbs
Oscar Hammerstein
Benjamin Harrison

Ernest Hemingway
Henry Heinz
O. Henry
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Herbert Hoover

J. Edgar Hoover

Sarah Orne Jewett

Scott Joplin
Helen Keller
Jerome Kern
William Lemp
Jack London
Huey P. Long

the Marx Brothers
Oscar Mayer
Elijah McCoy
William McKinley
H. L. Mencken
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Georgia O'Keefe
Louella Parsons
Potter Palmer
George Patton
Norman Vincent Peale
J. C. Penney
Cole Porter
Katherine Anne Porter -- with her father
Katherine Anne Porter-- with her grandmother
C W Post
William Rand
Charles Ringling
Robert Ripley
the Rockefellers
Knute Rockne
Norman Rockwell
Theodore Roosevelt
Babe Ruth
Carl Sandburg
Randolph Scott
Richard Sears
Gustavus Swift
Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Billy Sunday
James Thurber
Jim Thorpe
Spencer TracyHarry Truman
Mark Twain
Honus Wagner
Charles Walgreen
Montgomery Ward
Booker T. Washington

Mae West
George Westinghouse
E. B. White
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Woodrow Wilson
Grant Wood
Wright Brothers
Frank Lloyd Wright
N. C. Wyeth
Cy Young