09 February 2007

May 2007 Trip to Ft. Wayne, Indiana Genealogy Library

The St. Charles County Missouri Genealogical Society is proud to announce it's eighth annual research trip to the Allen County Public Library in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. The library has recently reopened from in its remodeled location and we are looking forward to our annual research trip.

Our trip is a little different. People in the St. Louis area can ride the bus from St. Louis to Ft. Wayne.

Others can elect to drive and pay a lower free because they are providing their own transportation.

Either way you get to be a part of our online preparation group where we do planning, give suggestions and guidance before we ever leave. Our goal is to have you hit the library with a list of things to do.

To learn more about our trip, visit our website for more information. The group from St. Charles is an excellent congenial group of people and we always have a great time (and most importantly, we always get a good deal of research done). We are still working on an unofficial contest for who makes the most copies. Our winners from last year know who they are!