13 January 2007

SSDI at Rootsweb

Wildcards are a great way to search. I use them on every database site that allows it, including the Social Security Death Index at Rootsweb. However, I noticed that on the SSDI, the wildcard does not appear to be working correctly when several numbers are entered in the search box.

Elivis may have left the building, but he has not left the SSDI.
08 Jan 1935
Aug 1977
(not specified)
38116 (Memphis, Shelby, TN)

However, when I search the SSDI for a social security number of
(and leave everything else blank), no results are obtained. Obviously there should be at least one entry: Elvis.

If I search for 40952*, I find him.
If I search for 409522*, I don't.
Apparently more than 5 digits creates problems and I have too much time on my hands ;-)