27 January 2007


Today (January 27, 2007) would be my Granddad John Ufkes' 90th birthday. He was born near Basco, Hancock County, Illinois in 1917--the oldest son of Fred and Tena Ufkes. Happy Birthday... Granddad passed away in December of 2003 in Carthage, Illinois, where I was born and raised.

Shortly after his death I posted a copy of his obituary on my website.

I have his "letter" from playing basketball for the former Basco [Illinois] High School. When time allows I'll write about ways to preserve similar fabric memories. What is really neat is that I have pictures of him wearing it during his high school years. His "B" also reminds me of how much some things keep on changing. This year is the last year for the high school I went to---they are converging with two adjacent high schools. Change is the only thing that stays the same.