14 November 2006

More Famous Ship Manifest Entries

We have added the following individuals to our rich and famous on US ship manifest collection:

1951 Julia Child

1955 John and Jackie Kennedy

1924 Fred Astaire

1930 Albert Einstein

1933 Albert Einstein

1932 Fred Astaire

1933 Orson Welles

1938 Cary Grant

1945 Frank Sinatra

1947 Cary Grant

1947 Kirk and Michael Douglas

1951 Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner

All can be linked to from our main manifest page at: http://www.rootdig.com/ships/famousships/index.html

Feel free to send us suggestions for additional names to add. We'll post them here as we add them, but updates are not done every five minutes..;-)

Thanks to those who have sent suggestions and their comment. It is appreciated.