21 March 2006

SS-5 Forms

Individuals with a Social Security Number should have an ss-5 form, which was completed by them (or their representatives) in order for them to obtain a number. This form contains birth and parental information on the individual. These forms are only available to the public if the person is deceased. The forms are not cheap to order ($27) so I only get them when I have a "real problem." We have posted a SS5 form I have used in my research on our site as a sample.


The forms are not generally online and you have to order them from the Social Security Administration. The page listed above has search boxes for the Social Security Index and if you find someone in the index, you can generate a letter to make your request.

One advantage is that these forms were actually filled out by the person, unlike their death certificate. But because they are not cheap, I don't order them for everyone.



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