30 March 2006

Born in 3 states?

Depending upon what record you choose to believe, my great-grandmother was born in either Iowa, Illinois, or Missouri. I am still not certain where she was born, but it likely was in the area where those three states meet. Not surprisingly her 1880-1930 census enumerations provide a variety of birthplaces, but all give an age consistent with an 1874 year of birth.

Her various census images can be seen here. Her death certificate is also on my site.

And if anyone knows anything about the parents of Ida Mae (Martha) Sargent, born April 1874 to Ira William and Ellen Butler Sargent, drop me an email. She spent her life from 1880 until her death in 1939 in Warsaw, Tioga, and Loraine, Illinois (in Hancock and Adams Counties).



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